Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lyn #4

“I don't flirt, Charles”
I don’t either, in fact I’m against small talk on account of it meanders and leaves you no further down the road.
You’re far too important and far too intelligent to engage in trivial social parlances, especially when we could be discussing the state of this fractured world and how we can make this a better place for everyone to live and actually prosper.
When we talk I feel like a revolution is underfoot and in a matter of hours the blood in the streets will be up to our ankles which is not an altogether bad thing depending on whose side you are on.

And you don’t have to worry about me falling for you because even though I fall in love about every twenty eight days or so, with you I know this is a much more serious affair and we best take it slowly so we don’t miss a crumb of exquisiteness as we get to really know one another and hopefully lose our inhibitions and fear of intimacy along the way.
You stood there in your summer best in the Philippines heat as I watched as you undressed my mind with the captivating way you have of always being three steps ahead of what I may be thinking at any given time.
I became lost in the simmering exactitude of your piercing eye transfigurations as you left me wanting more and wishing we could be physically close if only for a millennium or two.

“I don't flirt, Charles”
And all I could think was hallelujah because I decided a long time ago flirting amounts to zip in this eternal land of careless carnage and pursuits of deplorable gluttony.
I want to fall for a real woman who knows exactly what and who they want as teardrops fall and the miles between us melt away like snow and intolerance.
You draw me in with every truism you spill like candy from the verity store or thunder claps from God’s own exalted palms.
And let’s not mince words because they’re key in our lines of work and let us not change the flightpath of a long-lived bird because we both know how important a Phoenix is to regeneration and the rebirth of the human experience.

Charles Cicirella

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