Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Michelle Chang #2

I want to kiss her smart mouth
And touch her soft skin.
She educates me with graphs
And her keen grasp of the English language.

Knew she was a rebel from the very first time
I happened upon her on Facebook.
From her pictures of Dylan and Springsteen
And don’t forget Joan Baez and Patti Smith.

“Something there is about you that strikes a match in me”
That’s a Bob Dylan line and it’s something I believe she’ll
Understand as I pray she appreciates my self deprecating
Sense of humor and doesn’t hold my persecution complex
Too firmly against my unguarded frame.

I’m guessing cuddling with her would be like cuddling with
A being that is not afraid of being human and believes in
Showing off their soft side because there’s nothing wrong
With the vulnerability of a beating, lusting heart

I wish we could get on a bus and ride through Taiwan and
She would show me the sights that tourists never get to see
Because what’s the point of lowering your guard and showing
A mere stranger the inner workings of your most private and prosaic

Knew she was cut from a different cloth from the very first time
I paid her a compliment and she didn’t recoil like a shrinking
Violet. I prefer to meet people who can teach me a thing or two or three
Or four thousand about everything under the sun and I knew Michelle
Chang was one of those people the first time she sat me down and gave me
A good talking to.

Charles Cicirella

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