Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Point of No Return


Wanted to stick it inside of you, but wasn’t sure how you’d feel about that
My words come back to me in waves of mediocrity and I’m reminded of Paul Simon and how he’s now retired from the music business
Sometimes I am a parser of words, other times I’m just Charlie and that’s okay too

We break new ground when we step outside of our steam-shovel-heads and stop cowering in our comfort zones of disuse and unrhymed panty heists
I was writing about my bathroom habits when I was twenty six and very little has changed twenty plus years later
No one much pays attention, but that’s par for the course when celebrity is neither your forte nor your expressed goal

I wanted to take a tour of America, but decided I’d wait till the orange pig currently in the White House was either driven from office or tied to the mast and dumped in the sea
Welcome to the perfect storm that’s now the United States of Misery where white people prove yet again how ineffectual they can be when they’re thinking only of themselves and the hemorrhoids resting atop their slouching shoulders
I’ve been a pissant since the day I was born and that’s alright because contemptible people are oftentimes the only ones actually speaking truth to power

Wanted to call you on the phone, but decided there was no point when we were already sitting across from one another
You bit into that corned beef sandwich like it was the best thing you’ve ever had in your mouth and it made me jealous and it made me want you even more
I will always tell the truth whether under oath or not. That’s just the way I’ve always rolled and that will never change because truth will not fail you nor will it take you for a ride.

Charles Cicirella

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