Sunday, June 25, 2017


Nothing could be further from the truth.
You’re as guilty as Adam and Eve when they disobeyed their Father’s one command.
You think you’re pulling the wool over our sheep-led-to-slaughter-eyes and that’s simply not the case.

You were elected President by a ghost in the machine and were and will never be popular with the people.
“You’re fired” drips from your rectum-piehole like bile from Linda Blair’s possessed mouth.
A rancid opportunist obstructing justice with the small hands of a filthy priest.

Now you want us to believe you when and if you testify under oath and all I can say to that is give me a fucking break.
When’s the last time you actually told the truth? Was it when you swore you didn’t rape Ivana? Or perhaps it was when you feigned ignorance to the disappearance of Maria.
You and your pampered, entitled, elitist family of halfwits are holding a gun to the head of America and doing your damndest to wrestle us into the muck. You will not win.

Charles Eric Cicirella

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