Friday, June 30, 2017


Jesus is good.
It’s not all you need to believe,
But it’s a damn good start.

Trump is no good.
It’s not all you need to hold onto,
But it will point you in the right direction.

Evil exists in this world.
So does good if you’re willing to open up your heart
And stop believing silver linings are all that’s needed to get you through.

I was broken like a toy soldier on a field of AstroTurf
And blood-caked mud.
I felt like it was the beginning of the end until realizing I was allowing exaggeration to get the best of me.

Trump you.
You and your cohorts are monsters and I’m sick and tired of being estranged from the truth.
The new normal of alt. facts and hyperbolic non-starters need to be taken out back and shot and while you’re at it all you pale faced feckless thugs can take your expensive haircuts and custom made suits and go get stuffed.

Healthcare is a right not a privilege and believing otherwise will only silence you in the end.
Our country deserves better than all this bizarro bullshit that some rural motherfuckers believe is in their best interest.
I am not going to Canada or anywhere outside the United States of America because this is still my country as much as it is yours and enough is clearly enough.

Charles Cicirella

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