Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Genesis (For Joni)

Let’s start at the start when fig leaves were not yet in fashion and modesty was but a twinkle in the Creator’s third eye
Why aren’t more people writing and painting with blood these days?
I believe it’s been true from the beginning of recorded history that those in the trenches inhaling the mustard gas will always be the first ones silenced and the last ones through the cowboy-swinging-doors

I can hear her hacking in the other room and it makes me think of Van’s “TB Sheets” and all he must have gone through just to get her a glass of water
These words are my blessed savior and these words always find a way to get me through when another canary in the coalmine is muzzled for its bright colors and its immutable voice
You want things to change? Well who doesn’t, but with change comes sacrifice and sacrifice has always been a slippery slope when facing down another biblical storm

I was standing by the Wurlitzer carefully selecting the tunes I wanted to hear when she sashayed into the room like a twenties flapper or terror suspect with only allegiance on her mastodon mind
We danced like Beautiful Losers have a tendency doing when we knew the end of the world was at hand and we didn’t feel like fitting ourselves into a bathroom stall and fucking like two container ships lost out at sea
I held onto her hips for dear life as she swung me around the claustrophobic room and left nothing to the imagination including the birthday suit she was wearing underneath

Genesis wasn’t just a band it was a way of life as balls got rolling and Sisyphus sat down and had a smoke
We pulled up to the door so she could drop off a check and all we could talk about was the sad state of affairs of another employee dropping their cigarette butt in the mulch
I wanted to get out of the car and bitch slap the person, but figured what good would it do when all over the world people are hurting each other with the choices they make and don’t make in the blink of yet another closed and uncaring eye

Charles Cicirella

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