Sunday, September 03, 2017

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Death has been on my mind a lot as of late
Some lines come out easy peasy
Others train their entire non sequitur lives to be difficult
Killing the midwife on impact

I know you never wanted things to end up like this between us
You can cut the weirdness with a butter knife and I hate when I go to the store and they’re out of salmon cream cheese and the only bagels they have are frozen
My intensity burned you out like it has a tendency doing, but that’s still no excuse for your frequent lies and non-disclosures
Thinking now about when I saw Julie’s taut mid-section and how I miss it like a good cup of coffee and a stroll through the autumn leaves when the dew kisses your bare feet and your mouth hasn’t awoken yet and found its appetite

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse never call in sick
They’re like the post office except their customer service will literally slay you
I remember when we passed Go and didn’t collect two hundred dollars. I also will never forget when you got your first paycheck and left me in the excruciating dust
I fed you and even bought you Oreos, but even that was not enough to show you just how nice a guy I can be until the tables are turned and you turn your back on me

Death has been on my mind, as of late, like a pregnant cello or a penguin with no real sense of direction
I’ll never forget your distress signal and how it made me love sick and wish I wasn’t such a pushover
We stood at the gate awaiting either a queen to appear or at the very least someone who didn’t reek of good fortune and wasn’t against living off his or her piss poor servants
While she rang up my groceries I took a good long look at her big ass and thanked God there was a creator with such good taste

Charles Cicirella

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