Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mother (For Joni)

Two peas in a pod
Joni and me
Cast out of a warm womb
Into an insufferable tomb

We’re not Egyptians
But you wouldn’t know it
From our covered up mummies
Slathering their children in shame

I cherish the times Joni and me talk
Because of our shared Jewish heritage
We understand each other’s plight of misery
Allowing us to say so much with so few words

Two peas in a pod
Our mothers clearly suffer from a personality disorder
As children and now as adults toxicity disrupts our psyches
We fear inheriting their plague of nastiness as we run into the sun

Our negativity is inborn and that’s not an excuse
The only way we know how to process anything is by complaining
I’m quite sure people around me wish I’d give it a rest, but my best friends always afford me the room to come out the other side whole and shimmering like a bedazzled jewel
Joni continues to make it through by staring her hellhound’s right in their shining red eyes and never hanging out for too long at the crossroads by herself

Charles Cicirella

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