Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Good/Evil (For Kat)

Circumstances are always the same even when they’re not
I liked walking behind you and it wasn’t only because of your cute bum
Some people get lost in the moment while I tend to find the weeds both a challenge and a necessary hurdle

I so badly wanted to tell the truth, but couldn’t find a Bible to lay my hand on
In this part of town all of the motels lock up their good books just in case there’s a run on morality
I believe dating you would be like running with the bulls and I’ve never been very good at keeping out of the way of churlish provocateurs

Sometimes I wonder if standing my ground is the way of the hero or the coward and depending on your perspective, I’m guessing, it could go either way
I’ve always had a thing for librarians. I believe it has to do with the power they wield when checking out and checking in your books and other materials
You want me to stop and I want to continue, but I understand that a poetic license only gets you so far down the dark end of the street

My grandfather used to come over and make chopped liver. To me it was completely normal and to this day a pastrami and chopped liver sandwich on Jewish rye cannot be beat
Now I will confess and tell you since my grandfather passed away I‘ve never tasted any chopped liver that even came close to his
You may wonder why this poem has gone off in such a strange direction and to that all I can say is familia memories are stronger than any bond I’ve ever experienced

There was good and there was evil. There’s even a God and a Devil to try and sell you these concepts like an insurance salesman who does their best to put a price on your life
The difference of course with God and the Devil is they’re only out for your soul as an eternal cash register adds up all your do’s and don’ts and spits out a blood-receipt that will either keep you whole or damn you for all eternity
Let’s face it none of us really know what’s going to happen in the end and if the cat in the box is alive or dead. I don’t even feel like hastening a guess with the kind of shit luck I’ve been having lately

Charles Cicirella

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