Saturday, September 15, 2018

“It's enormous to me that you share with me and sometimes spark from our contact.”* (For Kat)

Human contact is essential
Keeps us ticking, purring and procreating
I’ve found my muse and it means everything to me

Been feeling wonky
Guessing it’s from coming off the Oxy and Valium I was taking after back surgery
Nothing I do reduces these feelings of blech, but writing for Kat at the very least combats some of my blues and keeps my head out of the clouds

My sleeping schedule is again an unregulated mess
I evade sleep at all possible costs and end up over tired like a vampire whose coffin is out for repairs
Kat’s the antidote that brings me to life when everything else fails to spark me back into a creative being

Charles Cicirella

*Kat Boyd

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