Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I’m running out of dreams. (For Kat)


Hearing her voice rocked me to my scrawny core
I believe for the first time in forty nine years I heard the voice of a soul that not only gets me, but is interested in who I am and why I am that person
Kat’s voice rang truer than the Liberty Bell and she didn’t crack or waver when saying hello

We stand to lose everything when we do nothing
A large part of the problem is that apathy has become our nation’s coat of arms and like a hammer and sickle it only knows how to pound us out of existence
You can take your austerity and shove it straight up your patriotic ass because it’s never worked and never will

Katie’s voice gave me hope which is something I’ve not felt nor experienced in too many unkind years
It proved to me there’s still a candle within yearning to be lit and burn for an eternity of tomorrows
The hallowed ground of your love and support breaks me up into stardust as my radical self becomes the butterfly it’s always desired to be

Charles Cicirella

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