Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Burroughs (For Geri and John)


Saw your FB post and it tore my heart out
Decided to write a poem for you both
Poet and caregiver is what we must be in these grieving times of loss and entropy

We’re chaos junkies on the road to another reading in smalltime America or the big apple of The Eye of Horus
We do our best to fight against feelings of disarticulation, but the world has other plans as we end up in a heap of dirty laundry on the uneven black and white checkered floor
I’d put my arms around you, but I suspect you’d push me away because heavy feelings have never done anyone much good as thoughts of suicide rattle around the skeletal fragments of another attic in a Polish ghetto of our own distressed devising

I love you even though I don’t know you
What I do understand is you play the clown to do your best to displace any residual guilt from moments that you regret and times in the past when you felt the radio dial was not tuned in
The country music station plays soft as you try and regain your composure and reconstruct the parts of yourself that have broken down and are in serious need of repair and honest to goodness prayer

Charles Cicirella

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