Friday, October 26, 2018

Standing Still

Still standing
Life comes at me as I dodge its slings and arrows of weaponized responsibility
Only sanctuary is when I lie down and REM sleep works its magic on my Tinkerbelle soul

Standing still
Like a debauched pelican or extravagant pink flamingo
Where’s John Waters when you need him and why has Divine stopped taking my calls?

Let’s get to the root of all evil, doing nothing in the blank face of adversity and tyranny
We talk about heroes until we’re blue in the face, but are terrified to pick up the gauntlet and deliver a crushing blow to the despots of our modern age
Got some Chinese food delivered and it was cold so I called up the owner and swore at him in Mandarin

I often write poetry for people who don’t even have the good sense to say thank me
If you’re a tried and true artist than expecting credit is like waiting for a crescent moon to kiss you on your forehead
All the same I wish people would learn some manners even if the poems I deliver only rub more salt in their lackadaisical wounds

The writing I do isn’t like most writers because I drill down deep into the nerve and never let up even when I’ve hit bone and the only thing left is collateral damage
I tried sleeping with the fishes, but Mr. Limpet just kept waking me up with his snoring
I’m still standing because there’s more work to be done and no matter if you get it or not even a caged bird can get the job done

Charles Cicirella

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