Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Beatles’ song, that’s not a Beatles’ song. (For Kat)

I want you
I want you so bad
Maybe I am vile and need dispensing with,
But I like when you wither from the words I carve from pumice

You’re the volcano that just keeps right on giving
A tropical paradise in Glasgow, Scotland
And I’m a poet in need of your firebrand medicine
Or maybe I just need a better therapist and a healthier diet

I am so over people espousing the cockeyed logic
That perfect is the enemy of the good because from my
Vantage point perfection is no longer relevant
In a world filled with enemies and knives sticking in our backs

I need you
I need you so bad
Like The Good Doctor from the original South Korean version
Though I prefer not being treated as a ten year old child
Even and especially when I was ten years old and the world kept coming up snake eyes

You’re the cup of tea that’s just the right temperature and entices me off the ledge
A buddy movie that’s actually funny and doesn’t dumb itself down for an American audience
And I’m a Jewish-Sicilian gangster filled with self-recrimination and a troubadour’s ethereal sense of style

I’m heading to a magical place where the rhyolite and music are perfectly in sync
It’s all on account of you showing me options and alternatives I never thought possible for someone of my stature
I’ve never believed in mincing words especially when explanations can only be so concise
And when discovering you Kat I know holding back is hardly an option either one of us would be comfortable with

Charles Cicirella

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