Monday, August 24, 2015

Speaking Truth to Power

(For U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders)

This is what revolutions are made of.
This is what dreams are spun from.
Think Willy Wonka with a predilection for politics and loosening the stranglehold around our blue collar necks.

The press doesn’t seem to know what to make of Bernie because he has no hidden agenda or ulterior motives.
The press continues to underestimate Bernie because God forbid an honest to God grass roots movement takes hold and hope wasn’t just another commodity sold to the masses like heroin and Big Macs.
We the people like to pretend we’re for the little guy when actually the little guy was put out to pasture around the time that political correctness took us all hostage and former President Bill Clinton proved once and for all that lying to the American people was just another day on Pennsylvania Avenue.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders shows us you don’t have to be a political animal to go into politics.
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders shines a light on the simple truth that each and every one of us experiences each and every day that we’re not getting even a smidgen of the pie that is supposedly our constitutional right.
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is making it crystal clear that doing the right thing is still possible even in these ultra-violent days and nights where corporations are people and the people have had enough.

This is how it begins.
A new day. A new deal. A new reckoning.
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is not your daddy’s or your grandfather’s politician.

Charles Cicirella

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