Saturday, April 30, 2016

Everything and Nothing at All

I gave up the ghost the other night shot it
Right into my hand and it felt amazing while
It lasted then I lost all interest and ate a pint
Of Ben & Jerry’s Cake My Day Ice-cream

And there’s really nothing more to share
Because I jumped the shark a long time ago
And I’m not all that sorry because shit happens
To bad and good people alike and some die of
Cancer while others overdose on life

And I hardly think I am a poet and I know I’m
Not a prophet maybe all I am is a pain in the ass
As I turn more and more into a curmudgeon and
The word irascible is the only adjective that fits me

You can pretend nothing affects you and no one
Challenges you, but when the Swiss cheese hits the
Fan and you’ve fallen and can’t get up you’ll wish
There was a button to push because the idea of no one
Coming to your aid is too scary a notion to swallow on
An empty stomach

A dark night of the soul might scare the bejesus out
Of you or it might just force you to face the memories
That continue to confound you as everyone ceases and
Desists from answering your private messages on FB
And you slip into unconsciousness

Charles Cicirella

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