Monday, April 11, 2016

This Is Now (For Leah)

And here we are
Right now
Here we are

And the beginnings never matched the endings
And that’s so beside the point
Because possession is not always nine-tenths of the law

And when ends don’t meet
And you’re feeling the Bern
And seeing eye to eye is no longer a prerequisite for staying friends

And there we go
Down the same reckless path our parents turned down their noses to
Because less really can be more when you burn down your comfort zones

And the suburbs transformed us into subterranean worms
And being a work in progress sounds far more glamorous than it is
And the first time you read my Tarot I had no clue you were The High Priestess

And when the glass is threatening to crack
And you’re not feeling it anymore
Never lose hope because fear feeds on our insecurities and enslaved self-doubts

And here we go again
Two fish out of water and out of bounds
This is now and here we are

Charles Cicirella

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