Friday, April 01, 2016

L and E

this life experience
is not ironclad
and it’s not inspired
and it’s creeping up on me
like a serpent or a plague

this life experience
doesn’t take names
and it doesn’t discriminate
and it refuses to give you any breaks
like a charity or a saint

and she asked we when was the
last time i had a real job
and she asked me what my plans were
and i refused to answer her questions
because it is none of her goddamn business

this life experience
is rusted shut
and it itches and it burns when i pee
and it doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor
like a statistic or WASP

and i’ll probably never hear from her again
which is a good thing because she was boring
and i’ll miss her falling asleep on the phone
and how i lied when she asked if she snored
because it’s not always about you
and the white lies are oftentimes what keep
the boat from sinking into
the big muddy

charles cicirella

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