Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Buttons Pushed

Told her I loved her
Because I am cracked like that
A crazy flower always determined to bloom in a constant state of flux and frenetic spasms of stardust and marshmallow goo

I tucked the Haitian goddess in
Kissed her on her forehead and when I did
She giggled and I felt good and smiled a lot

When I first heard her on chat I didn’t know what to think
Every question I asked she answered with defiance and kept pushing me to disconnect
Finally when I did I then discovered myself trying to reconnect because there was something about her I could not and did not wish to shake

Our third conversation also began rocky, but she slowly began to thaw and I knew immediately that she was a treasure to behold with awe and respect
When we got off of chat and she called everything fell into place as we spoke until the sun rose and the vampires went to bed
She brings me around to a state of consciousness I forgot even existed because she knows just how to get a rise out of me and when she says my name how to make me feel peaceful and free of regret

Charles Cicirella

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