Friday, August 05, 2016

Lie Down

The words are coming
And when they do
You best be ready
You best be prepared
You best be best

And there’s no rest for the wicked
Or at least I think that’s what I heard
When I was listening through the keyhole
And you were on your knees blowing
The President of the World

Do you remember being famous?
Or better yet do you recall when you were infamous
And graffiti dripped from your every pore
Like an expensive beverage you can only drink
When you’re already three sheets to the wind

The words are on a bullet train to your brain
And when they arrive I promise you’ll feel better
You best be willing
You best be chilling
“You better you better you bet”

And nothing is worth this unremitting humiliation
Not even discovering your worst nightmare is really a dream come true
And I’ll never forgive you for forgetting what I once meant to you
As we both prayed to the same porcelain bowl and got nothing in return
The words are coming and when they arrive we’ll both be shit out of luck

Charles Cicirella

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