Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Watching Columbo and playing with myself
There’s something about Peter Falk that gets me all hot and bothered
Maybe it’s the cut of his jib and the way he wears his magical raincoat
Though actually I believe it has more to do with how he always has
One more thing to ask to crack the crime and put the guilty party behind bars

Watching Kojak and abstaining from the pleasure of pleasuring myself
There’s something about Telly Savalas that keeps me coming back for more
I believe it’s the cool way he does everything including sucking on a lollipop
When watching him I feel like he’s got the situation handled and I’m in good hands
And let’s not forget his voice as smooth as silk and as persuasive as rolling thunder

Listening to Nick Cave and wishing I was dead
I don’t mean it or maybe I do
I don’t fucking know
I’ve never done heroin, but if I ever did I’d want to do it with Nick Cave
Swallow the bad seeds and drink down the infected blood and never forget you are one of the chosen and completely flame retardant

Watching all of those bad poets up on that sequined stage reading their God awful Ginsberg-doppelganger poetry and wishing I could light a match and burn
I turn on the television like every other stupid American when there’s nothing better to do and even FB refuses to be my friend
Salvation these days is more channels than we’d ever be able to watch in a lifetime because don’t you know less is more and I guess if you’re not a refugee you’re one of the lucky ones
I love when people tell me they prefer my poetry with shorter lines like my longer stuff just misses the mark and will never end up properly syndicated.

Charles Cicirella

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