Thursday, March 19, 2020


I’m in self-quarantine more often than not      
In these strange days I’ve found it best to stay away from people
I’m also trying to stop sucking on the corporate media’s teat

Black gold lulls one into a false sense of security
The Beverly Hillbillies another disinformation campaign devised by the gray-1% to keep the 99% dispossessed, dispassionate and disenfranchised
There are those who still refuse to vaccinate their children and they won’t survive and it has nothing to do with big government and everything to do with The Lion King

I’m listening to Muddy Waters and daydreaming about Kat in an information-rich pink beam of light
I’m irascible and I know that’s what you’ve always dug about me
Van’s “Take Me Back” is howling and I wish we could be in the same room, ten feet apart because Godliness is still next to cleanliness, even and especially when the inmates are running the asylum

Truth be told I never am not, not thinking about you
I think you’ll catch my drift. This is where I pause, lift my fingers from the keys, tilt my head back and wink at the non-existent camera
I’m doing everything I possibly can to tell myself the truth or what I believe to be the truth as I await a revelation or a quiet epiphany from across the North Atlantic Ocean.

Charles Cicirella

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