Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Stormy Weather

Another neo-liberal candidate being shoved down our throats
We’re long over-due for some good old civil disobedience with a big honking side of whoop ass
Imagine how Bernie feels giving it his all only to be replaced with an empty husk of a man

Our hearts again broken as we have our asses handed to us by the power elite who believes only in the god of self-preservation
Elizabeth Warren proves again she’s only a progressive when it serves her self-interest and party unity be damned if the nominee is Bernie Sanders!
Hillary Clinton, the sorest loser of them all still shirking responsibility for the awful candidate she always was. I never understood why she didn’t work harder at connecting with people then I realized if you have to work at it you’ve already conceded defeat.

We had another opportunity for a real bite at the apple and we blew it because we’re scared and when push comes to shove we’d rather look the other way than actually help our fellow human
Trump only shined a light on what has always existed just beneath the surface and is now permeating our very DNA as a pandemic of stupidity reigns down on us in monochrome rainbows of spite
Another Tuesday, another democracy hijacked because it’s easier to coalesce around a candidate who checks all of the boxes instead of facing the problem head-on and choosing the candidate with the most enthusiasm and passion behind them.

Charles Cicirella

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