Sunday, March 22, 2020


I put on a flannel to take off the chill.
I don’t believe I have the coronavirus.
Of course who knows when no one can get tested without a doctor’s note and getting one of those is like finding a golden ticket.

Our country doesn’t know how to follow orders and because of that who knows how long this will play out and how many bodies will be piled up in the streets when the fat lady finally sings again without a dry cough.
Went out yesterday to help a friend get some food because delivery is like playing Russian roulette.
We stopped at the post office and saw two idiots who were wearing masks and gloves and the one idiot told me that’s how you prevent it. Why aren’t people listening because it feels like a doctor said take two stupid pills and don’t call me in the morning?

It’s time to panic and it’s time for Chicken Little to get his due as we all shelter-in-place and wait for our orange Pres. to finally catch up and do one thing right.
Who knows how many cans of food will suffice and if you have enough disinfectant. Of course those who are hoarding should meet a fate worse than death and the coronavirus seems like it could very well be the bad karma that will get us all in the end,
Sick, diseased chickens finally coming home to roost as we stand together or standalone keeping in mind that social distancing might just be what saves us as a new morning comes and kisses us smack dab on our virus free lips.

Charles Cicirella

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