Sunday, July 12, 2020

Break My Heart Open Like a Melon (For Jax)
Open hearts performing heart surgery on exhausted souls looking to recharge
The white page is nothing to fear unlike the white man who rubs his white privilege in your face and expects you to thank him for his nasty, populist politics
My family thinks I’m a scumbag and that’s okay because they never once asked me about my art or made any effort whatsoever to understand where it is I’m coming from

When Jax talks about la bambina my heart flutters like a butterfly and I wish we could all share a meal together
Across the pond is a soul who operates outside logic because she’s learned in past lives not recognizing one’s gifts is no kind of life to attempt living
We strive to be our best selves if we know what’s good for us and at the stroke of midnight I’ll turn back into a pumpkin

Today a supposed friend told me to get a haircut and to trim my beard because I look like a wild man to which I replied what’s wrong with looking wild
I’m just me and you are just you and together maybe we can be something if we stop passing off counterfeit compliments like they actually meant something
I met a full blown racist when I was standing in line at Giant Eagle yesterday and I actually found it refreshing to hear someone speak their mind and not hide behind a cloak of false civility

Of course I didn’t agree with anything she said, but as we stood there like two masked gunslingers I wondered how easy it would be to rob a bank or at the very least get this person to admit that the hatred she’s feeling toward others is all going to be directed back to her sooner than later
The pandemic has turned our world upside down as companies make us jump through more hoops to get the same unsatisfying results
Even before the virus it was next to impossible getting a business to answer their phone and if I hear one more automated voice telling me due to Covid-19 no one is available to take my call at this time I may just scream at the top of my lungs and leave this country for the Scottish Highlands

Charles Cicirella

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