Thursday, July 09, 2020

We all burn out. (For Jax)

We all burn out from time to time and yet too few take notice and do anything about it.
I was rowing in a boat that caught fire and because I don’t swim I stayed in the boat and burned to a crisp like Richard did when he lit that crack pipe instead of putting it down and saving his life.
I like ringing her bell in the middle of the night when only the gargoyles atop skyscrapers protect us from ourselves.

I listen to her songs and know what is meant by the Rapture as I take Holy Communion from the grooves she lays down.
When we heard the fireworks we all dived to the floor because a thief was invading our sacred space with sonic booms and sanctuary bells.
The priests would have nothing to do with us on the Vegas strip and that’s okay because I know what they’ve been up to and how many of their thoughts are impure.

We all burn ourselves down every now and again because it’s easier than admitting to ourselves we don’t have all the answers and spiraling out of control may be just what the doctor ordered.
Jax’s eyes continue catching me off guard with the way they look into my soul and assure me everything is gonna be alright.
I like talking to her because she makes me feel safe and as strangers go I know we were connected in other lives and that reincarnation is one more rung on the ladder to Enlightenment.

Charles Cicirella

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