Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Ride the Wave

Excalibur called and said it wanted its sword back, I mean its rock, I mean the myth it’s been sheathed in long before King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table got involved
Julie said I looked like an eccentric college professor and all I then could think of was her in that plaid skirt and sweater that showed her mid-drift when she came to my feature reading at Mahall's
Sometimes I cannot get my mind out of the gutter or is it really in the gutter because we’re all human and being attracted to another human being is natural as long as you don’t cross a line and do something stupid and criminal

I would have rode the wave, but water and me are on a strict need to know basis and yes I know I’m a water sign, but that doesn’t make the fear I’m feeling any less real
Today I argued with the Mayor from a small city here in Cleveland. It’s over the laying off of my roommate and masking it in Covid-19 and a rotten stench coming from their complete lack of compassion or competence
My roommate will probably have to roll over and take it because no one any longer believes or bets on the little person, instead everyone pretends they’re impervious to being hurt and don’t really give a good Goddamn about their neighbor

My roommate was bullied on a continual basis for fifteen brutal years and in fear of losing her job, continued to take the abuse. This doesn’t make my roommate guilty of anything and it most definitely doesn’t make Bedford Heights any less culpable.
The pandemic being used as an excuse to lay off anyone at this time and take away their health insurance, especially when the Mayor himself is double dipping is reprehensible and everyone involved must now account for their actions

There are a lot of people on the front lines who are true heroes, but there are also a lot of people in some level of power who are using this current nightmare we’re all living in to their personal advantage. My roommate had been there fifteen years and instead of trying to find her another department she could work in they just laid her off. Doesn’t seniority count for anything? My roommate worked in a toxic work environment that was hostile to her and discounted and disregarded her diagnosed disabilities, telling her in one meeting that if she couldn’t get a handle on them she’d be sent home. Bedford Heights has a history of exhibiting this kind of behavior and no HR Dept. during any of this time to help an employee navigate this hostile, toxic work environment.

I’m trying to ride the wave, but I’m drowning in all this hypocrisy.

Charles Cicirella

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