Saturday, July 04, 2020

I’ve had a secret crush on her since she opened my heart to open readings when I was fifteen years old.
Let’s start at the beginning, no let’s start in the middle, I’d actually prefer going backwards because when it comes to Suzanne I know I’ll never quite find my footing in this sea of disenchantment.
I never know what to say when I’m in her presence because so many feelings well up from inside my volcano of intellect and lifelong impressions.

I’m trying to write this poem and that’s the problem because once you start trying the ghost is gone and the haunted house becomes just another piece of lonely real estate.
I love Suzanne because there is no fuss or muss with the way she goes about things.
She leaves us all in the dust with her predilections of another time when reading a book trumped just about anything you could think of including your smartphone and all the trouble it gets you into.

All her thoughts and feelings held so closely to her vest because what right do we have to experience so much beauty in this one lifetime.
One time Suzanne told me some of the lines I come up with and I forget the rest, but it blew open my mind because I knew she was reaching out and her comment left me speechless and chaste.
Holding back is for cowards so I will not hold back any longer as I write this love letter to a human being who has taught me just how human I am. I’ve had a secret crush on her for very long time and these words hardly even begin to express just how much Suzanne means to me.

Charles Cicirella

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