Friday, July 10, 2020

Marching Orders (For Jax)
Hanging on the chandelier like a chimpanzee high on potassium and freedom that comes from living a life outside the norm
We twist in the wind when we’re not careful and step on a crack or allow a black cat to cross our undesignated path
Jax gets it because she’s been pulling out all the stops since before even she was a bambina and the Silk Road unraveled before her like Guthrie’s ribbon highway

I plugged in because tuning out was never an option plus I’ve never been good at doing what I was told when it hardly made sense and I felt the need to stretch out my artistic prowess
I’ve learned you must just start creating be it words on a page, paint on a canvas, music in a studio of your own mind because without art there is no oxygen and without oxygen there is no life
She sent me a picture of her daughter and so many feelings welled up inside my chimney body I just about blew a gasket and had to go to the toymaker to recalibrate my taproot zymology

Frozen in crustacean time I had to crack open my own shell before I could finally feel my toes and go about the good work of lending a hand and reinventing the wheel
They aren’t exactly marching orders, but are instead purple fingerprints and make us weightless like the gravitational pull of Shatner’s method reacting
Every night we watch an original episode of Star Trek because something about it reminds me of when I was a child and hunger was just another word for Go Tell It on the Mountain

Jax never picks up her toys and goes home because what would even be the point when we need more playdates in a world of broken down hearts and their inability to pump blood back into the Temple Mount
People reject my poetry as just endless clutter and to those dead souls I say shame on you for pretending you’re in touch when nothing could be further from the truth
Swinging through the trees like a great ape completely comfortable with their lot in life because this great ape knows we can always escape the box we’re in once we accept this jungle is of our own devising and can be rectified once we stop being afraid of the reckoning that is to come.

Charles Cicirella

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