Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Kat Celebration


Kat is the wind beneath all of our wings
Kat is the lighthouse guiding us home
Kat is a treasure chest full of booty

I’ve never met a muse with such unlimited reach
She’s a super hero whose super powers know no bounds
The way she inspires from across the pond is a miracle I’ll forever be grateful for

Perpetual motion leaves me exhausted, a perpetual muse recharges my creative juices with the vim and vigor only a Scottish lass can and does provide
I need to make a cup of coffee and take my allergy medicine before the nausea stops me from writing this ode to a nightingale I’ll forever be in debt to
Kat helps me to see light where there was only darkness and leads me out of a cave that was my life and my endless solitude

She breaks ranks with all the other muses by giving an artist all the rope he or she needs with no fear of a hanging in anyone’s future
The first and only time I heard her voice it convinced me that not only are soul mates real, but they give you exactly what you need without any Greek Chorus to make you question all the unmitigated beauty you’ve been blessed with
Kat lassoed my heart and makes me feel safe at a time when Safety Town has been closed because of Covid-19 and the only future we have to look forward to is one of more uncertainty.

Charles Cicirella

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