Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Eighth Poem

Eating unfrosted strawberry Pop-Tarts and watching the tenth episode of The Man In The High Castle’s second season.
It may appear I live a life of leisure, but nothing could be further from the unvarnished truth.
I work as hard as anybody else perhaps even harder and if you don’t understand what I do well it’s not up to me to explain it to you nor is it my job to prove my worth to anyone.

We break people up into the smallest pieces and parts because I guess it’s easier to group people into their own categories instead of accepting everyone on equal footing and understanding that being a charitable person does not mean you have the right to look down on anyone you choose simply because you believe you’re giving them a leg up.
And I am sick of hypocrites and bullies and anyone that hides beneath our beds until they believe we’ve fallen asleep so they can hold secret meetings taking away our rights to breathe clean air or choose what we want to do with our bodies and the hits just keep coming as the social safety net is continually under attack by a bunch of snakes who want not only their cake, but ours as well.
You can take your corporate welfare and shove it straight up your oily ass and for voter suppression and gerrymandering that’s the only voter fraud I see going on as simply gaining a foothold has become illegal and we’ll soon have a President who believes to tweet is as good as real governance and just you wait till he declares martial law.

Eating my heart out as I watch our country go straight down the toilet.
I wish the Republicans were the only problem, but the Democrats are no better. And someone needs to tell Al Franken his petitions don’t amount to a hill of fucking beans until we the actual people take to the streets and demand our country back.
Don’t get me started on how Elizabeth Warren sold the progressives down the polluted river. When she said the reason she stayed silent was because she didn’t want to sway things for one candidate over the other she made it perfectly clear she’s a progressive in name only and like every other rotten politician does only what’s in their own self- interest.

Charles Cicirella

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