Sunday, January 08, 2017

Second Poem (I Love You)

Love comes and love goes
I don’t believe that

Poetry comes and poetry goes
I don’t believe that either

First time I walked into a library I knew I was home
First time I saw you naked I knew how truly gifted a sculptor God is

The ether blesses us from behind a screen of transparent mist
The dark matter creates and tames chaos all in one exalted breath

I will never write poetry that sounds like it is poetry
To me that is not my talent nor is it where I choose to dwell

You broke the speed of sound when you came up from the waves
A high grade – future perfect mermaid that relinquishes control by staying pure

Love dances and love gallops
I believe that

Poetry departs and arrives
I believe this with all my heart

I had a dog named Bogie and I loved him with all the love a fourteen year old boy can muster
I took Bogie for granted and it’s a regret I’ll live with for the rest of my life

Charles Cicirella

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