Monday, January 02, 2017

Third Poem

Let’s change the channel
Watch and listen to something more amorous less violent
I want to persuade you to go into the deep end with me

Our minds are vaults – the tumblers super sensitive – even Superman would not have made it out alive
Your body a temple I desire to worship – the altars super cozy – even Jesus would not have exited unscathed
And when I think about you it’s in fits and starts because I know you purr like a kitten and that your Scottish accent would drive me right over the edge of this existence and the next

Let’s boost each other’s confidence by entering the sweat lodge bereft of inhibitions and not leave until we’re five pounds lighter and our fragile egos have cracked wide open
I sit here sometimes pulling, other times pushing the words from my subconscious like a midwife who knows exactly how to make a baby comfortable when it enters our world for the first of many first times
And you, you I can only imagine moving into your new place shuffling through boxes trying to recall where your Leonard records are because you need some of his loving darkness now

Our personalities fickle – the changing of the guards severe – even Jack Frost needs to every now and again step outside of the studio and take a drag off of a cigarette
Your spiritualism a passionate kiss I wish to partake in – your lips moist – even Houdini would not have been able to resist your wanton pouting
And we will always have each other’s backs I know that now because I believe we encourage each other to do things we’ve only dreamed about and when we fly too close to the sun, unlike Icarus, we’ll be invited inside for tea and oranges that come all the way from China

Charles Cicirella

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