Monday, January 09, 2017

Third Poem (My Nipples)

Touched my nipples as I watched The Golden Globes.
Don’t worry Juliet I’m talking about no one’s nipples but my own so you won’t have to get on my case for objectifying a woman’s body parts yet again.
Though don’t get me wrong I would very much like to see her nipples because I bet they’re as pink as Bazooka Bubble Gum and would remind me of Laffy Taffy.

When I lived in Columbus, Ohio there were a couple of women who said I was a misogynist and after I looked up what that word meant in the dictionary I whole heartedly disagreed.
I really don’t feel like getting into a debate, but I will say there’s absolutely no truth to my disliking, despising, or being strongly prejudiced against women and for the objectification of women to this charge I also strongly object.
When I write about women I am speaking of experiences that I myself have had with women and never have I nor do I believe in the degradation of the stronger sex.

In fact I believe it happened the other way around in the Garden of Evil and that it was Adam created from Eve’s rib and that it was also Adam who offered Eve a bite of the forbidden pomegranate.
Just keep in mind Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and that we’ll all be living this proverb over and over again if we don’t get our shit together sooner than later because our Creator is most assuredly a woman.
Just ran my finger over my nipples again, but they refused to come out and play because they don’t enjoy when I draw attention to them in a public setting.

Charles Cicirella

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