Monday, January 02, 2017

First Poem

Calling to say hello
See how you’re doing
And if your feelings have changed

I was in love with a remote viewer
She promised she never used her special powers when we were making love
Still she never quite felt present when I climaxed and she lay there like a morning dove

Calling to remind you
None of what I confessed to has changed
And if you’re willing I’d like to stop by and see you for about thirty minutes or so

Some people are stubborn right down to the socks on their little piggy feet
Others are more open minded and willing to see the forest through the trees
You and I never quite seemed to fit because you always had a strong grasp on reality while my head remained in the stars like an astronaut or Hollywood producer

This is the first poem of the New Year
Not sure what if anything that may mean and if my creative acumen will be sharper or duller depending on who or what I’m cutting into
When it comes right down to it we’re all gossip columnists slinging the hash of an unknown people hell-bent on remaining anonymous as their faces get plastered on everything from peanut butter to cold cream.

Charles Cicirella

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