Friday, January 13, 2017

Eleventh Poem (Incommunicado)

No one’s listening or paying attention.
And yes it bothers me, but I know I must stay the course and do the work because it’s the work that’s of the utmost importance.
And we can go this way or that way, but the best way is straight ahead because if we’re moving forward then we won’t have time to look back and lose our momentum.

She zigged and she zagged, but when she sat on my face I knew I had finally reached Heaven.
Trust me when I say objectification is for the birds. When I speak of women and of sex with women my foot is never in my mouth nor do I intend any disrespect. I am in awe of women - all women and that will always be true so help me God.
When I got up on that witness stand I was shaking like a leaf on a very indeterminate tree and when you looked me in the eyes the first time I knew I’d found my place among the stars.

I can feel the words chugging through my brain like a rocket heading straight to Mars.
There’s no worry of reentry because once I’m in space I plan to stay there for as long as I possibly can.
My best friend is my intellect because it has never let me down and always keeps me company during the darkest nights of my soul.

No one is paying me much mind and I cannot remember the last time someone told me they loved me or I was physically touched by another human being.
I remember when first committing to being an artist and how I believed I was willing and capable of sacrificing whatever it took to reach my destiny.
It’s oftentimes cold out here in the deepest depths of no man’s land, but that’s alright because when I look within I know a shooting star will always present itself and guide me back home.

Charles Cicirella

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