Monday, January 02, 2017

Fourth Poem (Tacos for Dinner)

Resist absolutely nothing
This poem may turn out to be more erotic than the others or it may not
There’s another sweet potato casserole with praline topping in the freezer

I want to undress you with the same monkey fingers that type type type out these poems
Feel your clothes and then your flesh beneath my wiggly digits of callus skin and gnawed off fingernails
I know you’ll get with the program before I’ve even had a chance to readjust myself, making sure everything is in its place when you seek and find my families jewels

Sometimes my poetry is standup comedy even though I’m always sitting down when I scribble another entry into my diary of dissonance and decadent disclosures
I imagine you taste of sweat and vanilla frozen yogurt, but that’s mostly because my imagination has been caught in a deep freeze and refuses to warm itself beside the fire
Remember when you were all eyes and hair? The cutest tadpole to ever ribbit itself across the pond and through the looking glass

Resistance is futile in these shades of grey nights and days of mass deportation
We’re all refugees and until we get that through our numbskulls victory will always be just out of reach as the fog of war bares down on us like Santa’s Mercedes Sleigh
You want precision? Well you’ve come to the wrong place. All I have to offer are my imperfect phrases and a boatload of apologies that will do nothing to get you off

Charles Cicirella

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